Housing: Balcurris 2

  • Location: Balcurris
  • Architect: Burke Kennedy Doyle
  • Completed: 2005

This scheme is part of the continuing redevelopment of the Ballymun area on behalf of BRL. The site-development strategy is informed by the master plan for the area, which defines new streets and pedestrian links around and through the site. The links into the existing pattern of the Sandyhill Gardens estate, and the establishment of an appropriate urban scale to Balbutcher Lane are important aspects of the design. The site is developed with defined edges and urban spaces, releasing a significant portion for private rear gardens - an amenity previously unavailable to the residents.

The development along Balbutcher Lane comprises a mix of own-door apartments, duplex units and maisonettes in predominately three-storey form, with sentinel blocks of three and four storeys defining penetrations into the site. This long north-facing elevation is broken with full- height slots bringing sunlight to the street and containing lightweight steel staircases to access upper apartments. All dwellings have private gardens or large private terraces orientated towards sunlight. The scale of the development is reduced to two storeys within the site, in deference to the scale of adjacent houses. Materials are hardwood windows, self-coloured render, metal cladding, metal sills and concrete roof tiles. The development density achieved is 24 units per acre.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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