Housing: Balcurris 3

  • Location: Balcurris
  • Architect: O'Mahony Pike Architects
  • Completed: 2005

Forming the western flank of the new Balcurris Park, this three-storey development defines a strong edge to this Merrion Square-size open space. There is a small apartment building at one end and a large family house at the other.

Each unit is identified by its own entrance, stairwell and garden

The cross-section through the terrace allows for three-storeys to the rear overlooking private gardens adjoining the existing lanes at Cairn Court. This makes further extension of the house possible by adding a large window in the roof space

In all cases living and kitchen spaces have been connected by large doors and have views in both directions. All rooms are naturally ventilated, allowing direct use of the rear gardens and easy supervision of the public street at the front.

The development comprises:

  • 5 single-person apartments in the prominent 'Gateway' building'
  • 7 two-person ground floor apartments
  • 7 three-bedroom duplex homes
  • 12 three-bedroom houses all within the terrace and with their own front doors at ground level
  • A four bedroom houses completes the north end of the terrace, while a two-bedroom bungalow completes the southern end
  • Each unit has its own parking space
Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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