Housing: Sillogue 3A

  • Location: Sillogue
  • Architect: Howley-Harrington Architects
  • Completed: 2006

This is a new street of 30 dwellings near Sillogue Avenue. Leading down to a quiet tree-lined courtyard, the new houses and apartments run along one side of an avenue.

They face newly slanted, large mature trees, and overlook the school playing fields beyond. All dwellings have their own secure rear private garden, facing either south or west to make the best of the afternoon sun, The front gardens are separated from the footpaths by metal railings and gates, The buildings are constructed of brick walls with slate-pitched roofs and all have double-glazed windows high levels of insulation and controllable natural ventilation.

The dwellings are mainly three-storey, three bedroom houses but there are also smaller dwellings for one or two people and several larger houses, to suit all family sizes. All homes are designed to be adaptable as the family and age profile of the occupants change, with a separate WC on the ground floor as well as a bathroom upstairs, and a kitchen/dining area and living room that can be arranged either as separate rooms or open plan. Every dwelling has generous built-in storage: individual heating systems and lockable bin stores. The accommodation has been designed to make it easy to look out onto the street and courtyard, enhancing the safety and security of the area. Cars will be slowed down by speed ramps to ensure the safety of children at play.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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