Clarion Quay

  • Location: North Docklands
  • Architect: Urban Projects: Gerry Cahill, Derek Tynan & Michael McGarry
  • Completed: 2004

The Clarion Quay complex comprises six towers with frontage onto Excise Walk and the riverside campshire together with three lower-rise buildings which surround landscaped communal gardens. At street level there is an mix of retail units and restaurants together with a  creche facility.

All apartments are built to much larger porportions than usual with lots of extra space and an abundance of light through floor to ceiling windows. The development, where 37 social housing units are managed by Cluid Housing Association, is the first combined market and housing association development in the inner city with all the apartments being designed to the highest standard, enjoying dual aspect over landscaped gardens. Some of the apartments are duplex which gives families the benefits of a traditional house in a 21st century setting.

The framework for a sustainable community is created by the provision of a mixed-use development, which includes mixed tenure residential accommodation consisting of private, affordable and social housing.

Through careful detailing of external and internal spaces and the use of durable and sustainable materials and finishes, a high density is achieved without compromising the standard of amenity. The design ensures that the natural features of the site, in particular views to the river, are exploited to the full.
The fulcrum of the project is the central open space area, which is accessible to all residents. The use of new technology, e.g. pod bathroom units, displays an innovative approach taken by the architects to the design of this complex and challenging project.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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