Custom House Square

  • Location: North Docklands
  • Architect: Anthony Reddy & Associates
  • Completed: 2005

Phase 1:
Standing on the graveyard of the notorious Sheriff Street flat is a recently completed residential complex of exemplary quality. Custom House Square was designed by Anthony Reddy Associates, based on the essence of a plan by de Blacam & Meagher.

It is a scheme with a distinctly European flavour and would not seem out of place in Barcelona or Paris. It comprises a total of 580 apartments in five to six storey blocks gathered around a landscaped courtyard. The rear, curved block faces out over a park towards the houses built for previous Sheriff Street residents. The majority of the units are relatively spacious with only 10% of the total having one bedroom. Fifteen of the apartments are house in a signature cedar tower in standing proud in the courtyard. Impressively, the heating is recycled from wasted energy from nearby offices in an on-site Combined Heat and Power plant.

Phase 2
The second phase of the residential development at Mayor Street occupies the eastern end of the site previously occupied by the Sheriff Street flats complex and also fronts Guild Street opposite Spencer Dock. The scheme follows the same principles as the first phase in terms of quality and also successfully accommodates a higher number of larger apartments on a more restrictive site

Phase 2 comprises 273 apartments over retail units at street level, arranged in 14 separate blocks linked around a private landscaped courtyard over a common basement car-park. The basic aim of the design was to ensure that there are only a maximum of 4 apartments per floor served by their own lift and stair. Each apartment receives southern sunlight or at least east-west light.

Each block is unified in elevation by a dramatic overhanging steel roof, providing shelter at penthouse level and reinforcing the new urban edge of Mayor Street as well as the corner of Mayor Square. The entrance is on Mayor St. and Guild Street with each block overlooking a common landscaped courtyard area. High quality finishes are used throughout including brick, natural stone, coloured render and double glazed aluminium windows and doors.

Phase 3
The third and final phase of the development links Phases 1 and 2 as well as forming the termination of the visual axis from North Wall Quay to Mayor Square along Excise Walk. It is envisaged that Mayor Square, centrally located at the intersection of main routes (both pedestrian and LUAS), will be the primary public space in the second phase of the IFSC.

The 10-storey block has a double height arcade frontage to Mayor Square housing restaurant and bar with mezzanine uses. The upper eight floors comprise 49 apartments, and the outer brickwork frame gives the terraces serving these apartments a greater sense of privacy while taking advantage of the views to the mountains in the south.

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