No.1 Grand Canal Square

  • Location: South Docklands
  • Architect: DMOD
  • Completed: 2007

No. 1 Grand Canal Square is a mixed-use commercial development. It is located on a prominent site on the south side of the Grand Canal Square, recently redeveloped by Landscape Architect Martha Schwartz. The building faces Grand Canal Dock to the east and onto the Square to the north. In time, this space will be also bounded by the Performing Arts Centre to the west and a hotel to the north, both under construction. The site also adjoins the Gallery Quay apartment development to the south.

It employs a variety of glass types – high-reflective solar control, dichroic, anti-reflective and colour laminated in various arrangements – to express a constantly changing rhythm of light and shadow in the overall composition of the façade. At night the balconies and the entrance are defined by LED lighting, making legible the composition shown by shadow during the day.

The orientation of the building expresses itself as an open glass box suspended over the Square and the water. The building responds to the changing natural light, through the dichroic colour reflectivity and angle of approach. Working with glass means designing with light both natural and artificial. The building renders this changing light visible through reflective shadows, as daylight changes from cold blue to deep orange the building varies from a solid three-dimensional object to a transparent one. In contrast to its reflectivity and transparency by day, at night the building glows, animating the pedestrian activity in Grand Canal Square.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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