Point Village

  • Location: North Docklands
  • Architect: Scott Tallon Walker
  • Completed: N/A

The Point Village is the name given to the 11-acre site bounded by North Wall Quay, East Wall Road, Sheriff Street and New Street, in the North Lotts Road area of Dublin’s Docklands. The site takes its name from the former CIE train Point Depot, now the Point Theatre, Ireland’s biggest indoor theatre venue, and marks the end of Dublin’s North Docklands to the east.

The scheme covers eight acres of the Point Village site and consists of a District Centre, 12 screen multiplex cinema, 220 bed hotel, 2,500 capacity theatre venue and 200 luxury apartments. The scheme is designed around a major new Public Square bounded by the shopping and leisure complex, the Point Theatre and a new 100 metre high landmark building.

The Tower is designed as a disaggregated form giving it a slender and elegant aspect to Point Square and the city. It is clad in a sheer, double-skin, glazed wall that allows the creation of generous winter gardens for each apartment, as well as allowing the units to be individually, naturally ventilated while providing a sophisticated level of control of solar gain and noise. The tower contains 150 luxury apartments designed to give stunning views of the city and Dublin Bay, and will match the proposed U2 Tower on Britain Quay directly across the River Liffey. The two towers will create a maritime gateway to Dublin were the city meets the sea.

The District Centre fronts onto Point Square and is planned so that boutique shops, cafes and bars will contribute to the animation of the square and can benefit from south facing terraces shaded by brise soleil. The elevation is composed to address and respond in scale and geometry to the Point Theatre façade. The 5-storey entrance foyer to the proposed new theatre venue, with its balconies, lifts and escalators visible behind its fully glazed façade, will provide a dynamic and animated backdrop to the square.

Apartments over ground floor shop units are located along the proposed new pedestrian curved street linking Point Square and Sheriff Street. The apartments are physically separated from the theatre building by a secondary pedestrian route that traverses the urban block. The shopping centre is designed about an internal glazed street with its entrance on Point Square and on an axis with the pedestrian route to the Quays and the river, connecting with the proposed extension to the Liffey boardwalk.

Along this north-south axis, a pavilion building adjacent to the Point Theatre defines East Wall road and creates a covered pedestrian street opposite a new entrance to the re-modelled Point Theatre. The pavilion building is set back from the façade of the Point, and is kept one storey lower in height in order to allow the re-modelled Point Theatre have a greater presence on the riverfront. At ground floor levels, a public space will be animated by bars while the upper floors, containing restaurant and leisure activities and crowned by a glazed lantern of commercial space, formally address the river.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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