Riverside One

  • Location: South Docklands
  • Architect: Scott Tallon Walker
  • Completed: 2006

The building for McCann Fitzgerald, solicitors, was the winning design in a competition to design a headquarters for this major legal practice. It is innovatively planned to create the best possible working environment, capable of responding to the immediate and future needs of a dynamic legal practice.

The site’s prime river frontage and the new Calatrava Bridge, which will cross the Dublin’s Liffey River immediately to the west, generate a strong diagonal NW/SE axis. This axis is emphasised by locating the double-height setback entrance – and the landscaped viewing balcony to the sixth-floor client reception area – on the northwest corner, looking towards the new bridge. Recognising the importance of natural light, the building incorporates a centrally placed circular atrium, which rises through the full height of the building and extends as a glazed cylinder above roof level. Upon entering the building, the visitor’s view is directed on the diagonal from the double-height reception area to the base of the cylindrical atrium and the staff restaurant beyond. The atrium is landscaped with bamboo in raised planters providng a relaxed and informal meeting space.

The twin-glass-wall façade allows maximum natural light into the work areas. The wall also contributes to self-regulating thermal protection and solar control by reacting, in a dynamic way, to changing weather and light conditions. This element, functioning with the building’s mechanical systems, creates a comfortable and constant internal working environment.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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