Spencer Dock

  • Location: North Docklands
  • Architect: Scott Tallon Walker
  • Completed: N/A

The Spencer Dock Site is masterplanned to comply with the Dublin Dock lands Development Authority’s Planning Scheme for the overall Docklands / North Lotts Area. The site is bounded to the north by Sheriff Street, to the south by North Wall Quay and the Liffey, to the east by new Wapping Street and to the west by Guild Street.

The centre-piece of the development is the 1.5 hectare performance square, around which the various commercial and retail development are planned in four quadrants. The Square will include the future LUAS station which, together with the mixed commercial and retail uses, will provide for the creation of a vibrant urban area integrating living, working and leisure activities.

Construction is in a series of distinct, self-contained phases, and will comprise 557,400m2 of leisure, office, commercial and residential accommodation.
The street planning provides for the reinstatement of the distinctive grid street pattern typical of the Dockland area. Mayor Street is reinstated as an east-west axis through the development. To the west of the site is Spencer Dock, which forms part of the Royal Canal. The overall development in the vicinity of the dock, comprising a conference centre south of Mayor Street, and a residential development north of Mayor Street, exploits the potential of the water body for amenity and social development.
The Convention Centre and Hotel are on the corner site zoned by the DDDA for the National Conference Centre. A scheme designed by Roche Dinkeloo Architects is currently under construction.

The master plan includes the creation of a new linear park along the canal. This integration of the water body, combined with the DDDA’s development of the Liffey campshires, will greatly enhance the public open space amenity already provided for in the master plan.

The master plan also includes the refurbishment of the listed buildings – the former North Wall Passenger Station and the former London and North Western Railways Hotel both of which front onto North Wall Quay. 

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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