U2 Tower

  • Location: South Docklands
  • Architect: Foster + Partners
  • Completed: N

Geranger Ltd., a consortium consisting of Ballymore Properties, Patrick McKillen and August Partners (U2 band members and management) has been selected as the provisional preferred bidder to design, construct and finance the U2 Tower and Britain Quay Building.

The consortium's architects, Foster + Partners, have proposed a stunning design for the tower and adjacent Britain Quay site, uniquely situated at the confluence of three waterways, the River Liffey, River Dodder and Grand Canal. The inspirational building will include a public viewing platform at 100 metres, a public amenity area at the base; and hotel, retail, and residential accommodation including 20% social and affordable housing. The U2 studio is included as a suspended egg shape pod, beneath a battery of vertical wind turbines and a huge solar panel at the top. This "energy centre" will raise the overall height from 130m to 180m. As part of its renewable energy agenda, the south facade of the tower will be clad in solar panels, while the east and west facades will have a three-dimensional quality.

Since the original design competition, won by Burdon Craig Dunne Henry, the parameters of the development changed. The original design concept was for a 60 metre tower on a smaller footprint, but following the recent planning amendment for the Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme area, the tower was increased in height, with an adjoining multi-storey building moving from what was considered a local landmark to a city landmark.

It is estimated that the U2 Tower development will cost over €200 million to design and build. Construction is expected to start in 2008 and be completed by 2011. It was announced in late 2008 that  project has been put on hold due to the recession.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Monday, September 22, 2008
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