Dargan Maloney Building

  • Location: NEIC
  • Architect: Murray O’Laoire
  • Completed: 2004

This is the fourth phase of development by Murray O’Laoire in the master plan for Belvedere College. Situated on the corner of Temple Street and Great Denmark Street, it is the first of two buildings that will flank the already built auditorium in the centre of the block, the O’Reilly Theatre building, completed by Murray O’Laoire in Autumn, 1999.

The building is designed around an atrium, which introduces both daylight and natural ventilation into the building. This space is characterised by the bleached beech batten walls, which facilitates air movement, and the first and second floor glass fronted balconies.

The new ground ?oor dovetails into the existing Phase 2 ramp-way, becoming the main entrance to the school. A reception for the school and a box office for the theatre are provided adjacent to the ramp. The large open multi functional area acts as a refectory for senior pupils during the day and as a foyer or interval space during theatre performances. It can also be used as an exhibition space.

Punctuated by contrasting levels of daylight from both the courtyard and the lightwell, the character of the space is both fluid and visually appealing.
Computing facilities and a large lecture theatre are located on the ?rst ?oor. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are sited on the second and third ?oors. At roof-level, an outdoor experimental area and a greenhouse are provided to facilitate botany and biology experimentation.

Externally the building is designed to be “quiet in its expression” while assisting to reinforce the fragmented block structure of the area. The redbrick façade and the general elevation of the building make reference to its Georgian setting while at the same time making it stand out as a contemporary building. The building successfully blends functionality, versatility and aesthetic to augment the study and recreational facets of the School.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, December 17, 2008
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