Smithfield Plaza

  • Location: HARP Area
  • Architect: McGarry Ní Eanaigh
  • Completed: 2000

In 1997 Dublin Corporation sponsored an international design competition for the regeneration of the space at Smithfield, which was then long neglected and had fallen into misuse as an ad hoc car park. It is the largest open space in Dublin with about 13,000sq m. The Council wanted 'a design which would establish Smithfield as a major civic space in Dublin City for the 21st century'. It was hoped that the new space could be used for a variety of public events such as outdoor concerts and markets.

McGarry Ní Eanaigh won the competition and the space was officially opened in early 2000. According to the architects their design 're-establishes and makes legible the particular proportion of Smithfield'. It does this using surface and enclosure: the surface is comprised of a slow curve of cobble and granite slabs whilst the enclosure is provided by a small pavilion to the south and most strikingly by an array of twelve 26.5m-high lighting masts to the west. These gas braziers give Smithfield a presence on the skyline of Dublin, a dramatic reference point for this new civic space. The new plaza is a flagship project for the area and has subsequently won many urban design awards.


Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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