LUAS - Dublin's Light Rail Project

The Luas Light Rail System under construction in Dublin will enhance the quality of life to all who use it. It is environmentally friendly, safe and accessible. Integration with the current public transport systems will provide customers with smooth journeys from their homes to the city and beyond. The HARP area will benefit greatly from the introduction of LUAS with areas such as Smithfield and Collins Barracks becoming more accessible to tourists.

Line A: From Tallaght to Abbey St:

This line extends from the Square in Tallaght to Middle Abbey Street. A Light Railway Order was granted in March 1999. Works are due to be complete in June 2004 with the line becoming operational in September/ October 2004

The route that the line will take is as follows:

Line A - Area 6 Extends from Heuston Bridge to Abbey Street

Area 6 starts north of Seán Heuston Bridge. The Luas will run along the northern side of Benburb St, in front of the museum at Collins Barracks, where Museum Stop will be situated. Benburb Street will become one way for all of its length.

The Luas will cross Blackhall Place and run along Arran Quay Terrace. The next stop is Smithfield, located in a disused triangular space at Phoenix Street North. The Luas will pass through the yard to the rear of Maguire and Patterson's premises effectively creating a new street. The Luas will then cross Church Street onto Chancery Street. Four Courts Stop will be located between the courthouse and the rear of the Four Courts. The Luas will continue east along Chancery St. into Mary's Abbey across Capel St. and into Abbey Street Upper. The Luas will then terminate at Abbey Stop near the junction of Abbey St and O'Connell Street. Proposals for extension of the Luas to Connolly Station provide for relocation of this stop from Middle Abbey Street to Lower Abbey Street.

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