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The various area plans examined in the following sections are not mutually exclusive. Their success depends heavily on establishing an inter-linking and constructive relationship between each other. Their success will also be influenced by two crucial factors - land use and transport. All this urban renewal work will meaning nothing if it is not backed by a coherent metropolitan strategy in relation to land use that encourages higher densities and taller buildings.

The authorities must combat the sprawl of Dublin that is strangling the hinterland, extending to the far reaches of Leinster, and even into Ulster. This low density American style city 'plan' is unsustainable as it puts a huge strain on our already jammed roads. It also ensures that public transport becomes less and less sustainable. Yet an efficient and modern public transport system is the key to unlocking the success of the plans we have for Dublin. Those who drives in Dublin city will be familiar with the traffic congestion and accompanying frustration that has become synonymous with transport in the capital city.

But hope is not lost - much is being done to improve this situation. Agencies such as Dublin City Council, the Dublin Transportation Office, and CIE are working in a concerted manner towards improving the situation. Better public transport, through the introduction of Light Rail and Quality Bus Corridors, improved enforcement of traffic regulations, a strategic and coherent parking policy, the introduction of environmental traffic cells, are all indicative of the measures being taken to tackle the traffic problems of the city. The glue that will bind the redevelopment of Dublin together and link all of the Integrated Area Plans and Development Authorities is the Dublin Transportation Initiative. If Dublin's traffic problem is not successfully dealt with then all the recent redevelopment will have been in vain as the city chokes from gridlock.

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