75 St. Stephen’s Green

  • Location: Georgian / Governmental Quarter
  • Architect: Burke Kennedy Doyle
  • Completed: 2006

Location: Georgian / Governmental Quarter
Architect: Burke Kennedy Doyle
Client: Shelbourne Developments
Completed: 2006

This most prestigious project has been realised by transforming a mediocre 1970s office block into a quality contemporary building which will set the standard for the regeneration of this corner of St. Stephens Green.

The building has been designed by Burke-Kennedy Doyle Architects using a restrained simple approach to the cladding that carefully respects the existing streetscape, the most varied on the Green.

The concept for the façade design to St. Stephens Green resulted from a study of nearby buildings particularly the Convent on the west side of the building, which has a simple brick façade. It was decided to modulate the building using the historic plot widths of the original buildings on the Green using a prominently glazed expression with a double skin curtain wall system. This has an integrated lighting system to enliven the building at night.

The building can be viewed from St. Stephens Green, the Iveagh Gardens and Earlsfort Terrace. As a result, all elevations have been finished to a high standard.

The main entrance is strongly articulated with a double-height porch finished in a simple palette of quality materials, honed granite and structural glazing with a feature glazed canopy and recessed lighting.  This lobby, when viewed from the inside, enables framed views of the Green. Dramatic views are also possible from the deeply set back upper floors, which overlook St. Stephens Green, The Iveagh Gardens and the Dublin Mountains beyond.

The interiors and fittings have been finished to the highest quality:  marble floors, timber and glazed panelling to the walls and ceilings,  feature granite clad walls. The high quality lighting design mentioned for the external elevation has been carried through to the interiors of the buildings, the circulation areas, bathrooms and foyers.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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