TCD: Naughton Institute

  • Location: Trinity College Dublin
  • Architect: RKD Architects
  • Completed: 2007

The Naughton Institute comprises The Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN) and the Science Gallery. CRANN develops tools and techniques to build new structures and devices atom by atom. The impact of this new technology includes next generation microelectronics technologies and new drug delivery systems.

The building comprises a series of academic laboratories, associated clean rooms, offices, stores and accommodation for visiting staff. The extensive facilities are housed in a 6-storey, over basement level building with 200-person lecture theatre and public science gallery.

The Science Gallery fulfills an important requirement which was to provide a building capable of multiple uses that would act as a gateway to Trinity from the northern side of the campus, which had previously been somewhat isolated from the community. The Science Gallery occupies the ground and first floors of the CRANN nano-technology building.

The main entrance to the Crann Research Centre is located along Pearse Street within a two-storey, pedestrian concourse space referred to as “The Millennium Gate”.
The entrance is identified by a double height space with structural glazing. Above the entrance gate is an opaque glazed box that accommodates one of the science gallery’s display areas.

The Pearse Street elevation comprises office floor accommodation and a stone clad vertical circulation core. This core marks the entrance to “The Millennium Gate” for pedestrian access to the Trinity campus.
A transparent elevation comprises the north facing façade on Pearse Street to allow the interior of the building to address the street and to create a focal point for passers-by. This large transparency acts as a “shop window’’ for Trinity, so that people are able to directly engage the college in a visual sense. In contrast on the south facing elevation, the use of patinated copper cladding with horizontal window bands adds a stylish finish to the exterior of the building.

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