Temple Bar Square

  • Location: Temple Bar
  • Architect: Grafton Architects
  • Completed: 1993

Temple Bar Square is at the junction of the main north-south pedestrian routes linking Temple Bar with the rest of the city. The development comprises a public space, five commercial units of varying sizes and nine residential units.

The architecture is influenced by the industrial character of many buildings in the area, but is more particularly influenced by the Gas Retort Building formerly in Dublin’s docklands. This building consisted of a steel grid with brick and glass block infill panels. The metal framework is common to the three elements of the facade,i.e. the 12ft-deep glass and steel building clipped onto the existing Bad Ass Cafe gable, the central anchor element with a large steel gateway to the apartments,and the corner brick block which turns onto Fownes Street.

The language of the elevation is the working of a taut skin-a sheer surface. Engineering brick was used because of it’s sheen and hardness, and because of it’s likeness to metal. The tiny retail units in the Bad Ass facade interact with the square with ‘grasshopper’-type metal shutters,and have the character of market stalls. The private courtyard to the apartments is tall and narrow with a dramatic view to the square. The finish to the square is Donegal quarzite.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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