The Photography Archive

  • Location: Temple Bar
  • Architect: O’Donnell + Tuomey
  • Completed: 1996

Two functions were combined to make this building: the photographic archive from the National Library and the Dublin Institute of Technology School of Photography. The brief called for the exclusion of daylight from studios, darkrooms, lecture rooms, archive storage and exhibition areas.

The building complex of MHS brings together varied but related aspects of photographic culture - two buildings with a mixture of photography uses face each other across the space and are linked by images projected from the archive onto the screen window of the gallery. A logical interdependent relationship of function and use is established and maintained across this public room.

Completed in June 1996, the archive and school are housed in a five-storey-over-basement red brick building on the north side of MHS.  Small repetitive elements such as box-hole windows punctuate the façade lending a visual rhythm to its public face. The arched form of the building mark a formal entrance as well as ‘bridging the gap’ between MHS and Essex Street East.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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