Trinity Irish Art Research Centre

  • Location: Trinity College Dublin
  • Architect: O'Donnell + Tuomey
  • Completed: 2007

The existing Provost’s Stables building was designed by Frederick Darley in 1841, and constructed in 1842-1844 as a stable and carriage building to serve the Provost’s House in Trinity College Campus.  The 2007 restoration and alteration of the stables building and courtyard, by O’Donnell and Tuomey Architects, accommodate a new Research Centre for Irish Art.

It is the author’s effort to put life into language; the translator’s role is to find the life within that language. Working on conversion projects such as this, where the setting and theme of the architecture have been so clearly established by another architect in another time, the incoming architect forsakes his usual role as author / designer to become a reader / translator of the given material. We took all our decisions on this project in this spirit; the position of a redundant chimney shaft gave us the location for the introduction of the required vertical services; the array of five stalls with their timber screens showing scratch marks from years  of use provided the requisite fifteen study bays for researchers. Close reading and sensitive translation should prevent the unwitting introduction of extraneous elements or inappropriate interventions that inadvertently undermine the setting. This is not merely a precautionary measure to reduce risk of damage to original material. There is pleasure to be drawn from this reading and translation. 

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