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Considerable progress has been made on provision of upgraded, sustainable community facilities. This is a vital part of the Liberties/Coombe Integrated Area Plan. A Parish Hall was built on Donore Avenue and a child care center at School Street. The St. Catherine's Sports Centre Foyer Project was completed in 2003. At St. Teresa's Gardens and an all-weather pitch and children's playground were constructed.

Dublin City Council actively supports community activity in the area by providing financial and other assistance to community groups. Premises are provided in many instances to enable community activity (in excess of 35 premises have been given over to community groups) and many summer projects in the area have benefited from grant aid and assistance.

Community Gain on Tax Designated Sites
Under the Integrated Area Plan developers who wish to avail of tax incentives on designated sites in the IAP must contribute "Community Gain" to the plan area. A report on Community Gain was prepared and noted by the South Central Area Committee in October 2002.

Community Gain may be divided into the following categories:

  1. percentage of residential development to be allocated for social or affordable housing - to be purchased, by agreement, by the City Council.
  2. financial contribution based on the development proposed - the contribution to be invested in the provision of community and leisure facilities in the plan area
  3. Provision of facilities/opportunities within the physical development e.g. play areas, youth club facilities, training workshops, low cost offices, community resource centres, pedestrian links to new or existing spaces, creation or enhancement of small neighbourhood squares or parks etc.
  4. The development itself - as in, for example, the preservation or restoration of a building of historical or architectural merit or the remodelling of shopfronts or facades to meet with the objectives of the IAP. 
  5. Provision of permanent employment opportunities and training for members of the local community.

Based on the above framework and having regard to current market conditions, it is recommended that the following levels should apply in respect of 1 and 2 above:

Residential (New Build)
Seek 15% of scheme to include car parking (if required) for social and affordable housing purposes at cost price, cost to include site cost, construction cost, professional fees etc. This will also apply to schemes affected by Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000.
As an alternative to above, a financial contribution towards a community development fund calculated at €4,400 (four thousand four hundred Euro) per apartment in the scheme will be sought.

Residential (Refurbishment)
Buildings refurbished for residential use will satisfy the community gain requirement.

Commercial Development
A financial contribution calculated at €41 (forty-one Euro) per square metre of development (gross internal floor area), to include car parking, will be sought towards a community fund.

Development comprising a gross floor area of less than 350 sq.m. will be exempt from a community gain requirement.

Community Gain is negotiated with developers by the IAP Project Team in accordance with the scheme approved by the Economic Development Officer.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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