Clancy Quay

  • Location: Kilmainham
  • Architect: HKR Architects
  • Completed: N/A

Planning permission has been granted from An Bord Pleanála for HKR’s design of the redevelopment of the 19th Century Clancy Barracks in Dublin.   
The urban regeneration of the Clancy Quay for Florence Properties is a mixed use scheme comprising nearly 750 residential homes, retail and commercial units, including a fitness centre, restaurant, cafe and pub. The project also includes a 15 storey 200 bedroom hotel.

The plan incorporates sensitive conservation considerations, with 12 of the existing listed buildings being retained and refurbished as part of conserving many 19th Century aspects of Dublin City. There will be off street and convenience shopping located within new and converted existing buildings plus the surface area has been maximised for pedestrians and landscaping, with underground parking providing capacity for 1,200 cars.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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