Cork Street

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Dublin is a city of recreated streets and Cork Street is the last major street in the city to be (re)created. The delay in development has been positive in that it has allowed Dublin City Council to learn the lessons of elsewhere. For decades Cork Street was disintegrating partly because of the 50-year-old road-widening proposal and partly because of the massive industrial dislocation and haemorrhaging of employment. By the 1990s the street was characterised by swathes of dereliction. Finally, after much controversy, a road-widening scheme was settled on. By 2002 Cork Street was widened to four lanes with two lanes reserved for a Quality Bus Corridor.

Rebuilding could now commence. Many of the extensive derelict and underutilised sites were owned by the City Council and briefs for the sale of these sites were prepared stressing quality issues such as spacious apartments, mixed uses, no apartments at street level and high quality contemporary

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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