Heuston South Quarter (HSQ)

  • Location: Kilmainham
  • Architect: Anthony Reddy & Associates / David Slattery
  • Completed: N/A

The area that HSQ comprises, was  identified by Dublin City Council (DCC) as one of the most important development zones for the future of Dublin and have formulated Heuston Regeneration Strategy to stimulate and control this growth. This project should be a key-part of that future,  will creating a modern and dynamic western entrance to Dublin city centre.

Designed by a team led by Anthony Reddy Architects and David Slattery, the development was originally called  ‘Westgate’ because it is strategically located as the new western entrance to Dublin city centre. It has now been rebrianded as HSQ. It hopes to transform the  western corridor to Dublin city and provide a dynamic living and working environment for thousands of people. The location of this site, so close to Heuston Station, will give this development excellent access to a very important transportation hub. It is also very close to the Luas which runs down Steevens' Lane along-side the old Dr Steevens' Hospital.

HSQ is a flagship urban regeneration project for the State. It should transform this derelict warehouse space into a vibrant quarter with quality urban living, world-class office space and the key to unlocking the full cultural potential of this under utilized part of Dublin. Covering a footprint of 6 hectares it will counter-balance to the International Financial Services Centre at the Eastern end of the River Liffey.

When HSQ and the adjacent Heuston Gate project  are completed, they will  combine to include 1.5 million square feet of office, residential, cultural and recreational space. They will offer quality urban living to 1,500 people with 650 apartments, which will include twenty per cent social and affordable housing. This will help, in some small way, to redress what has been called the ‘Rochfortbridge phenomenon’ where large numbers of people are forced to commute to Dublin from far-flung corners of Ireland, because of absorbability and housing choice.

HSQ, set on a former quarry, will also offer a dynamic working environment with an impressive 600,000 sq feet of modern office space, which will accommodate 5,000 workers. Situated on an axis between the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dr Steevens' Hospital and Collins Barracks, it is at the heart of a very important cultural quarter. In order to develop and enhance this theme in the area, this phase of the development will include 40,000 square feet of cultural space, which will add another major attraction to an area already rich in cultural heritage.

The architecture of the developments seeks to minimise energy demand through measures such as passive solar heating, optimal insulation levels and heat recovery etc. and maximise the use of natural light and ventilation with the building widths at 15 metres. The development will create a fully permeable streetscape with ground level activities prioritising the pedestrian, with appropriate traffic management measures and car parking confined to basement levels and create proper access to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Friday, November 28, 2008
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