McGovern’s Corner Housing

  • Location:
  • Architect:
  • Completed:
  • Location: Cork St., Liberties Coombe
  • Architect: HKR Architects
  • Completed: 2006

Cork Street, Dublin 8, has become a major thoroughfare in recent years. Fitting into this new urban context is this mixed use development of nearly 5,000m² designed by HKR Architects for Lalco.

Resting on the corner of Cork Street and Marrowbone Lane the development, now known as McGovern’s Corner, is situated on the very edge of Dublin’s City Centre. The overall scale of the development fits in with the new urban edge and includes three buildings arranged around a central courtyard. 

In designing this scheme open space was given a premium, reflected in the courtyard which covers nearly half of the site and has been landscaped and paved, including a new pedestrian access to Cork Street.

The two main blocks in this residential and retail development are 4 storeys at each end and rising to 7 storeys at the corner junction – reflecting the scale of similar developments in the area. The perimeter blocks contain 2 retail units at ground level with 47 apartments above. The retail units are accessed both on Cork Street and Marrowbone Lane which creates commercial and social activity at street level, in keeping with the urban context of the area.

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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