School Street Housing

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  • Location: Digital Hub
  • Architect: Mitchell + Associates
  • Completed: Ongoing

The School Street Development is a mixed use proposal in the Digital Hub District of Dublin. It comprises 82 residential units, 5000 sqm of commercial space and 1000 sqm of retail accommodation on the ground floor. It accommodates an embedded carpark with 380 spaces for public use and 94 for private residential.
The complex is designed as two elements:

  • a podium with a perimeter and top level of commercial accommodation around the car park structure.
  • An s-shaped residential bar sitting on the podium

The S-shaped residential bar of varying heights folds around the podium  housing a mixture of apartments of various types. This bar encloses two high quality garden spaces, and its distinctive shape allows for maximum penetration of sunlight to the apartments. The garden spaces are accessible directly by residents above deck level of the carpark. The scheme provides for a new urban space at street level on Bellevue with new  seating, street planting and entrance to public carpark.

Urban Design Strategy
One of the principal design intentions behind the development is to create an identifiable commercial, residential and retail development which will act in effect as an identifiable city block.  The proposed development on a valuable landbank in the city centre is located on brownfield site within the Digital Hub development area. 
The residential blocks of varying heights are postioned on the podium as follows:

  • A six to twelve storey block along the Bellevue frontage
  • A seven to eleven storey block in the centre of the podium perpendicular to School Street.
  • A five storey block to the north east of the site.

The overall urban design approach is to create well defined and active street edges on all sides of the proposed development and to complete this important city block.  Similar attention has been paid to the external spaces between the proposed development and the existing buildings adjacent to the site.  These proposed spaces are described in more detail below. 

Posted by Reflecting City Team on Thursday, September 18, 2008
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